JJ Royal Coffee | Products - Speciality - JJ Royal Kopi Tubruk - With Sugar Carton @15 inner bag

JJ Royal Kopi Tubruk

Rp 90.000

100% pure Specialty Grade 1 Indonesian coffee blended from selected best places in Indonesia. Fine grind and premix with sugar in sachet format.

100% Specialty Grade 1 Kopi Tubruk Murni khas Indonesia yang dicampur dari tempat terbaik pilihan seluruh Indonesia. Kopi tubruk hitam sudah dicampur gula yang disusun dalam format sachet.

Aroma : Strong, Rich Chocolate Malt
Flavor : Medium, Sweet Cocoa
Acidity : Low, Smooth
Body : Full, Bold
Aftertaste : Long lasting, Rounded

BPOM RI 667010025325

1 inner bag @ 2 Sachets x 20gr
1 Carton box @ 15 inner bag